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Here are the radio and podcast shows I’ve been featured on as an expert guest. There’s hours of valuable information to learn. Enjoy…

Paleo Magazine Radio

Life might give us lemons, but we don’t always get to making lemonade right away. This is because, unlike lemonade, adding sugar to bitter events only provides a temporary salve with long term consequences. This was the case for Michael Tamez, who after a devastating series of personal tragedies found that his coping mechanism of eating junk food caused him to rapidly become overweight and gave him severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and gum disease too. On today’s Paleo Radio Bite, we talk to Michael about how he turned all of this around and transformed the dysfunctional relationship he had to food, and transformed his lifestyle, health, and body in the process. Listen here.

paleo magazine radio

The Food Heals Podcast

Each of us has had a post break-up fling with Ben & Jerry’s to sooth their heartache. For me, this fling with fast food became a daily routine that left me weighing over 250 pounds and struggling with a host of health conditions like gum disease and obstructive sleep apnea. But the excess weight wasn’t the only thing I was holding on to. In fact, toxic emotions are as destructive to the body as toxic foods. After embarking on a holistic journey that connected mind, body and soul, I was able to release the dysfunctional patterns that had created my condition. In this conversation with Allison and Suzy from The Food Heals Podcast, I share how I lost an incredible 105 pounds and reversed my life-threatening illnesses, without medication.

Food Heals Podcast

Knowledge for Men Podcast

To Lead a Balanced and Healthy Life You Need to Ask the Right Questions. Tony Robbins says that the quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions that you ask yourself. If you are facing health struggles, you need to ask yourself these three questions to truly uncover the root cause of the issues in your life: 1) What Are You Holding On To? 2) What is Life trying to Teach You? 3) How Can I Move On? These are the key points of my interview on the Knowledge for Men podcast. To listen to the whole interview, click here.


Wellness Force Radio

Are you spending hours on the treadmill? Do you find yourself obsessively counting calories in MyFitnessPal? Do you feel like you are starving yourself? What if losing weight had less to do with diet and exercise and ultimately was more about the emotional intelligence you have in your most authentic self? This powerful conversation with Josh Trent of Wellness Force Radio will inspire a permanent shift in the way you eat, think, feel, live and love.

Wellness Force

Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Deciding to make a change towards turning your life around by eating better, exercising more, and becoming an overall healthier you can be liberating, but also challenging. A health journey is much easier when there is someone there to support you each day. But what do you do if the people closest to you aren’t 100% with you for your health goals? How can your family and relationships continue to grow when you want to make significant life changes? What can you do to help your loved ones eat better too? Where do you even begin talking to them about living a healthier life? Listen here.

open sky fitness podcast

The Urban Farm Podcast

Are you a fan of award winning singer-songwriter, Jason Mraz? Well, did you know that he spends half of his time tending to his organic farm and loves educating people about permaculture, urban farming, and sustainable living? Jason was featured on this same exact podcast that I was featured on just a couple weeks prior to my interview – how cool is that? Listen to my conversation with Greg from The Urban Farm Podcast for jaw-dropping nutritional insight, empowering words of sustainable farming and gardening freedom, why our relationship with food is so integral to our health, and how to grow your own food year ’round regardless of where you live.

urban farm

Fearless and Healthy Podcast

In this conversation with Ian Ryan of the Fearless and Healthy Podcast, we empower listeners to live a fearless and healthy life – from the inside out. I share my morning routine and explain why you should jump-start your lymphatic system each day. You will understand why finding your own exclusive daily wellness routine can help you start the day feeling amazing. We also explain to listeners how to use food for nutrition instead of an emotional release. On this episode, we also emphasize the importance of examining your past, and seeing what mental and emotional traumas may be hindering your success in the present. This conversation is guaranteed to inspire you to be fearless and healthy!

fearless and healthy

Join Up Dots Podcast

From the streets of Chicago to London, England! In this inspiring conversation, I share how I went from being a semi-pro baseball superstar with the opportunity to have a cup of coffee with the MLB, to miserably working for corporate America for 15 years, then eventually ended up writing a book and speaking publicly all over the world. This was a VERY powerful interview with David Ralph, and a wonderful houour it was to be featured on Join Up Dots, United Kingdom’s top rated podcast for self- made business entrepreneurs. If you are trying to get out of the corporate world of 9-5 “slavery”, this conversation will definitely inspire you to start joining up your personal dots to make yourself irreplaceable. Your boss will want to keep you far, far away from…

My Seven Chakras With Aditya

 “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds” ~Bob Marley

During this inspirational conversation on My Seven Chakras, Aditya (AJ) and I talk about the importance of having a connection to something or someone greater than yourself. We also discuss the power of spirituality and how it can help you heal other areas of your health and life. Get ready to learn how to establish and maintain a functional relationship to food and to your body. You will also learn some important tools that will help you reach all your health goals, regardless of how big or small they are. Emancipate yourself from the blockages that prevent you from living the life you…

Seven Chakras

Hot & Healthy With Nicole

After a bad relationship breakup in my late teens, and the loss of five family members in eighteen months, I became morbidly obese, developed severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and advanced gum disease.The medical doctors recommended surgery or machinery to save my life, but despite being terrified that if I didn’t sort out my health now, I said no to the Doctors. My subsequent choices resulted in losing not just 100 pounds (45kg), but also I reversed all of my obesity related health conditions. In this episode of Hot and Healthy with Nicole, we discover…

Hot and Healthy

Make Your Body Work Podcast

On this episode of the Make Your Body Work podcast, we answer a listener’s question about counting calories. Get ready to learn why calorie counting is an outdated approach to weight loss. In this informative conversation with Canada’s top personal fitness trainer, Dave Smith, we talk about why you should count chemicals instead of calories. We talk about the different types of exercising and the importance of finding…

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