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While the health genre is cluttered with conflicting opinions from “popular” diet books, Transformative Nutrition delivers a revolutionary new diet-free solution to permanent weight loss, emotional overeating, food addictions, disease reversal, and overall health. 

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Timeless by [Tamez, Michael]

“So, you’re telling me that my unborn baby boy is going to die?” 

That is the painful question Chua asked before saying goodbye to his pregnant wife.

Chua, a Native American master clock maker, was fascinated by time. He had been obsessed with time his whole life. However, his obsession turned sour when it led to a deadly infection in his wife’s unborn fetus. 

The antibiotics are failing miserably. The prognosis is bleak at best. Connecting with his Spirit Guide is his only hope for a healthy delivery of his baby boy.

Chua must embark on a long and fascinating time travel journey through the portal of consciousness. Constantly seeing 11:11 everywhere, Chua wonders if there is a connection to the situation. Will he find out?

Only time will tell…..

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GREEN with ENVY: Recipes for Homemade Personal Care and Cleaning Products (Plus, Money Saving Tips on Living an Eco Friendly, Sustainable Lifestyle) by [Tamez, Michael]


Toxic chemicals are present in most commercial cleaning and personal care products. These chemicals can cause nasty side effects including skin irritation, asthma, cancer, and central nervous system damage to name a few.

Thankfully, we have all natural alternatives that are inexpensive and chemical free. Using products with safe ingredients is especially important if you have kids or infants in your home. 

Ditch your chemical products and make them Green with Envy by learning how to make your own from scratch.

Are you ready to green your life – one simple recipe at a time?

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